How nice of you to stop by! You have reached the hypertext home of Johan jzp Persson, your friendly neighborhood nothing-in-particular.

I used to blog and phlog over at SDF, but I lost my key in a nasty backup incident, and don't have the heart to bother smj for another reset. I'm in no hurry to share my thoughts anyway.

Whenever I'm not actively occupied being a dad and a husband, I spend my time running a small consultancy and meander cheerfully between various projects, obsessions and interests. It's kind of nice, really.

You can check out the scant amount of code I've published on github, though I strongly prefer sourcehut. If electronic music and the vaporesque is your thing, you can check out whatever I've reposted in the past on my soundcloud. You can also catch me doing the occasional retweet on twitter.

That's pretty much it, I guess. Take care!

/ Johan